Looking to let the customer know that you are a PRO even before they talk to you?

Wanna Know The #1 Secret To Convert A Stranger To Become A Pay Customer?​

Quick question,

When was the last time you show your website to someone and they are so eager to ask you to help them keep their home clean?

In the past, for us to have a decent website to show the world who we require tons of coding work that a newbie properly has to start to learn how to code for 4 years.

4 freaking years!!!

It’s the future now.

Welcome to Ice Berg Peak Digital!

Where we bring the future to in front of your customer eyeballs and cast a spell on them and make them tick and click to call or to book your services.

We call it Penguin’s Magic ;)!

Call a couple of companies you know around, you will get shocked with:

  • Those who quote you $5,000 – $10,000 for a website look less attractive than us (Penguin’s pride) with all the functions that you don’t need and they always respond to you slow cause they have more important and higher-paying clients.
  • Those who market themselves at $200 – $500 for a website that looks decent and you start to realize that it was a template website and all the contents, imagines can’t be ranked on Google.
    • So… what is the point of having a good-looking look like other websites and none of them being found by customers?
    • (Plus, they will never respond when you need them to make any changed on the website)

You probably scream and get lost by those!

That’s why we are here to give you a warm pad on the back and whisper

“Our soul focus is in Home Services Industry”


This is absolutely NOT how we work on your website 😀

We are more tech-friendly and using easy animation to explain.

Join us on a journey to design your website

4 simple steps to Launch
Your website


Every great website start with stunning contents!

Only the truth writer can understand the dynamic of handwriting before put things on the screen.

Our Penguins Team will interview you to understand your business and your customers before we start writing.


A right image is worth a thousand words.

Everyone knows what to expect when it comes to home services.

That’s why we will focus on touch on customers feeling.

What do you want your customer to feel about your business instead of just a Cleaning, Plumbing, etc. company.



You will see your website layout and how did we transform it into a magical business tool.


Bring IDEAS to the REALITY

It’s time for us to bring the dedicated development team to transform your website.

It’s time that you just need to sit back and waiting for your baby website to be born 😉

And imagine how proud you will be when you show your website to your family, friends, and customers.

You are 1 step away to bring your business to the next level!

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