The 100,000




sounds bold.
We agree.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”—Albert Einstein.

We need to wipe the slate clean and begin with bold, radical ideas.

Let’s start by eliminating the biggest barriers to your customers: cost and accessibility.

  1. Put money, attention, and resources where it’s most effective, not in administrators, buildings, parking lots, or monuments.
  2. Next, grow at scale. Make your services accessible to anyone, at any time in your local area.

Gather the most creative minds, technologists, designers, and inspirational professionals that have 21st-century skills including problem-solving, design thinking, entrepreneurship, strategy, experience design, communication, media, content marketing, and design.

Bring people together to form a vibrant community. Connect companies from different sectors, areas, interests, age groups, and life experiences.

That sounds modern, disruptive, and unlike any Design Firm out there!

That’s because we believe the future of the home services industry isn’t just cleaning, plumbing, gardening simple work, it’s a passion, an art that you are a designer of it.

Welcome to…

Ice Berg Peak Digital

The march to
100,000 begins
with you.


Ice Berg Peak
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Why IBPD only work with home services?

We believe that family is our core motivation.

A place where you get the motivation

A place where your customer can have peace of mind.

A place where we called it home.

And it has been taken good care of by your home services.

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We are a young and dedicated team with a big goal that makes many laugh.

But would you think it’s unachievable?

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