Established in 2021

After taking a project with Fantastic Club Corp, they have been lid fire for us to set a goal and execute the 100,000 mission.

Since you are here, you probably have spoke with one of our teammate and you decide to learn more about us.

There aren’t any extremely story that related to life and death or drama or anything.

Everything starts to spark after we work with Fantastic Club Corp and we realize that we should narrow down our focus and start changing the world from help everyone has a cozy and fresh home.

Home sweet home…

Like Disney changing the world making great cartoons.

Why can’t we change the world by make the world a better place than where we found it?

We look forward to “icing” with you.

Ice Berg Peak Digital


Transform 100 thousand home services companies from working with price buyer to appreciate buyer.


Creating a great network for home services companies so everyone can have a friendly environment to share and to learn.


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