Content writing

“When consumers are surprised and delighted by new experiences, even long-held beliefs can change, making consumers more willing to repeat the behavior, even when the trigger (in this case, the COVID-19 pandemic) is no longer present.” – McKinsey(July 24, 2020)

What just happen in your mind, a profound moment?

Yes, what if we can make your customer see you as an expert and give you a better opportunity to win your next bid?

Website Design

“Your visitors might be reading your content and looking at the images of your products or services and may even be really curious about them.

But how excited are you to get them on board? Well, CTAs are direct reflections of your intentions with your target audience. And if your CTAs read on the dull side, you will receive equal reciprocation from your visitors.” – Forbes(June 25, 2021)

A nice website that could not convert isn’t a good website.

Now, why don’t we take a moment with the picture on the left side and take a deep breath

When was the last time you show your website to a stranger and they decide to book your service right away? Hmm… What if…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You have been reading a lot so far.

SEO isn’t rocket science as everyone tries to tell you.

Your mind can be focused on delivering fantastic services.

How? You can check around and see how many SEO companies that can provide Success Guarantee.


Our penguins may be busy at the time.

These answers below will cover most of your questions.

We founded in July 2021 with a dedicated team with more than 5 days exp.

Joking, 5 years. I mean.

But who can tell the difference by the years?

Imagine if you have been invested 3,000$+ to learn “closing in print” and dedicated more than 6 months doing one thing for one industry only.

How great you will become?

Oh, this one is simple, how did our penguins get you all the way here?

Don’t you enjoy reading our content 😉

Since Penguins don’t know how to hack, you can just simply share your hosting account.

We will help you post it.

And you can focus on your customer while we focus on you.
I mean, your website 😉

Yes, if we short of wings, we can hire and train more Penguins to help.

If you have content ready, it will take 7-14 days.

If you need us to write content for you, it will take about 14-30 days.

If the ice in Northern can melt faster, we can work faster as well.

But we both don’t want speed over quality of life, right?

Since Penguins can’t fly or run like a wind, we always keep their discipline on the deadline.

So you should expect us to surprise you by delivering early.

Penguin’s team is impressed with your market research effort.

SEO is all about website reputations, it’s technical and it also needs genuine works.

Google has Google Algorithm(GA) that Analyst Customer behavior and trends.

GA is like a silverfish, armature penguins chase the fish. Our Penguins through a net and wait for silverfish to swim in.

Do silverfish make you hungry?

Well, get a snack then chat with our Penguins.

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