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How To Get 100s Of Calls From Cleaning Clients And Aggressively Becoming The Top Ranking Cleaning Company In Your Local Area Without Doing Any Paid Advertising?

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Dear Friend,

Would you like to be the number one cleaning company in your area…

And be the number one choice for your local cleaning clients…

To get 100s of phone calls from customers asking you to clean their place?

China King Call result from GMB

If yes, then you want to keep reading.

Because I’d like to let you in on a little secret very few cleaning companies in America know about.

Your business phone will be ringing off the hook.

You will have to hire a new assistant just to take phone calls and new orders.

Finally, no longer will you waste time trying to fish for clients.
Fishing for clients will be nothing but a memory

NO MORE cheap, unqualified leads who are always looking for discounts. We call them Clients from hell – pass them to your competitors

NO MORE buying lead, cold calling, email blasting, and sending out flyers.

NO MORE praying for customers to fall from the sky.

And no I’m not talking about waiting for 6 months or years with SEO ranking.

And I’m definitely not talking about expensive paid advertising.

If you are reading this, you’re still not using this little secret yet.

As a matter of fact, we’ve already researched your business and also your competitor next door.

And they’re getting all the clients that should be going to you.
Simply from using this little secret method very few business owners know about it.

But before I get into it…

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever pulled out your smartphone, went to google, and started to search for…

“Coffee Shop Near Me”? Or “Restaurant near me”?

Maybe used your virtual assistant and asked for recommended shops, cafes, or the nearest ATM?

Either way, you quickly notice your smartphone giving you a lot of information…

Information about operating hours, how to get there, phone numbers, and website.

Coffee shops near me in Orlando search result
Coffee shops near me in Orlando search result

You get the luxury to choose which restaurant, cafe, or shop you want to go to.

By checking their reviews and deciding whether you want to go or not.

Simply by using your fingertips and tapping some buttons.

Saving you hours of research and miles of driving.

As they say, we live in a golden time, right?

So why am I telling you this?

You see, these shops, restaurants, and cafes your smartphone recommends you are not there by accident…

Take a look at this picture.

Imagine you are hungry looking for Chinese food delivery in Waterloo, IL or Red Bud, IL and you found some restaurant that do delivery right to your door.

Chinese food Delivery in Waterloo Illinois search result
Chinese food delivery in Red Bud Illinois search result
Chinese food delivery in Red Bud Illinois search result

AND your first impression about the Chinese restaurant is one of our Client as you can see China King Illinois Chinese – Asian Restaurant website are getting all of the attention and look more professional than others.

Here is the kicker, their Digital Asset is managing by us.

And I could tell you right now…

I know restaurants that are within walking distance from my house but they are nowhere to be found here.

“No wonder they are shutting down very soon” 🙁

So… Don’t be like them. Thrive and Rise instead!

But, as you can see, there’s a small group of smart business owners has leveraged the ability to be visible and make it easier for customers to find them.

They are able to generate money, customers, and grow their businesses…

Simply by making it easy for their customers to find them.

And now you can do it too.

What am I talking about?

It’s called…

Google My Business Optimization for Cleaning Business

Google My Business Searching

Google My Business (GMB) is a business profile that gets listed on google maps where your customer find your business when they look for “Cleaning Company Near Me”

Have you ever wondered how you can spot every inch of our planet by just using google maps?

Every street, every corner, and every shop.

You see, years ago google has been scrapping and scanning the surface of the earth.

To spot all of these locations and make it easy for you and me to navigate our way through.

The problem is, Google has no idea who the owners of all of these places they have scanned.

This is where that small group of smart business owners come in

Their Spot On Google My Business

Again, it’s a small group of business owners doing this because according to statistics 44% of local business owners have claimed their spot on google my business. (According to Local Marketing Institute)

ow I know 44% is not a very small number but

There’s a big difference between getting a Google My Business profile.

And getting a profile that actually gets you phone calls. and makes you the top cleaning company in your area on google map.

(Just like the Chinese restaurant I shared with you earlier)


By now you might be wondering…

Small Group of Business Leader

What You Need To Do To Rank Your Business On Google Maps

  1. The first step, claim your Google My Business profile.
  2. The second step, optimize your Google My Business profile so it looks more compelling to google compare to your competitor.
  3. The third step, connect your Google My Business Profile with your website that has fully optimized for ranking.
  4. And the last step, you celebrate and feel proud for making a wise move for your business.

Okay sounds so easy right?

And here is the real challenge

For you to optimize your profile, you need to spend thousands of hours sitting in front of the computer…

Learning the basics of Google My Business Optimization for your Cleaning Business.

That’s if you find credible information that actually works.

Then, you start to trial and error and always have to keep yourself updated with Google Algorithm Changes

So if you can win your competitor who is paying for experts with years of experience to optimize for them…

The good news is, now you find that you have a new profession that could make you a millionaire.

Does that sound easy to achieve?

Or you can simply let experts with proven track records who can guarantee results for you to do the work.

FYI, to get updates about Google Algorithm changes we track the daily performance of hundreds of websites and GMB profiles in the Cleaning Industry alone.

All to find out Google Algorithm Changes.

To keep your business always ranking ahead of the competition.

Fun fact: Google Algorithm Changes is SEO Expert daily nightmare because Google Updates its Algorithm 500-600 times a year, meaning 2-3 times a day.

And instead of giving old results that don’t matter anymore.

Here’s One Of Our Latest Success Studies


Before I reveal it to you, let me ask you a question.

Do you know any industry harder to rank than the cleaning industry?

It’s the hospitality industry.

People may just need weekly or bi-weekly Cleaning but they need food every 4-6 hours.

And we were able to win in the hospitality industry so we are sure to help you win in the cleaning industry.

Remember the earlier screenshot I shared with you about the Chinese Restaurant in Illinois?

That is one of our success cases that we are allowed to share with you cause the owner of this Chinese restaurant is super generous and so happy with their current result.

The owner’s name is Qiu Xie of that restaurant is busy hiring more staff, chefs, and their own delivery man. So if you know anyone that loves Chinese food and looking for a job, you can shoot them a message. 😉

We started doing the Google My Business optimization for her on the 5th of August 2021.

Yeah, that’s right!

Just about 1-2 months ago from the moment you read this post.

The day when we start taking China King Illinois Restaurant project

And here are their results 1 month later.

China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant Total Search a month
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant Customer View Report result
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant Customer Action Report result
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant Daily Call Report result
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant Daily Call Report by hours result

Can you get the result within a month?

Yes and No…
Here is why.
They have these results not just only because of Google My Business but also other Marketing aspects.

Here is step by step of what have we done for their business that you also Can follow that will give you the fastest result on your Google My Business Optimization for Cleaning Business.

Step 1: Build a Website that makes your customer want to buy right away and make your competitors jealous.

For this step, China King Illinois first using our Content Writing Services to have unique and compelling content with hundreds of food images that make their customer’s mouths watering. (It took us 2 days to write them)

We handpick a beautiful domain named: on July 31st

Then they have used our high-class Website Design and Development package to make it super responsive and look great on computers, tablets, and also phones. (It took us 5 days to finish)

Fun fact: those companies said they need months to build on your website. They don’t have enough experience and have a good team to work with together.

Image if you are supposed to make $20,000 a month with a well-ranked website and GMB. And an amateur website design company delay that for months, what are your losses?

Plus, we still need to Optimize the whole site for SEO and GMB ranking and increase website loading speed. (It took us another day)

China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant Development Time Line
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant Development Time Line

Step 2: Claim Google My Business Profile and Start Optimizing

For this step, It will take 7 days for Google to verify the ownership of the business. So we start early and wait…

So on the 5th of August, we finally verify our profile. Hurray!

It’s optimizing and ranking time.

Our team has started analyzing all of the competitors within 1 miles radius.

Since Qiu (the owner) understand that Marketing can’t wait so she asked us to invest as much as we can cause she want result like from yesterday.

We said: “Okay. It’s not impossible but it’s gonna take quite a lot of the investment to beat other GMB and websites that are ranking strong.”
Qiu said: “I don’t care.”

Then our team started working really hard just to get her ranking and tracking her ranking performance every  single day.

And after 26 days, which is the 31st of August. This is the report we send her.

China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant GMB ranking result for "Chinese food Waterloo IL" on 2021-08-31
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant GMB ranking result for "Chinese food Waterloo IL" on 2021-08-31

They get more order and food lover traffic since then and she quickly gets her ROI.

And she asks for MORE!!!

1 miles radius doesn’t satisfy Qiu and she wants to reach further.

We said: Okay. She raised the budget again.

A couple of days later, about 5 days. we come back with this report.

China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant GMB ranking result for "Chinese food" keyword on 2021-09-05
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant GMB ranking result for "Chinese food" keyword on 2021-09-05
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant GMB ranking result for "Chinese food delivery" keyword on 2021-09-05
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant GMB ranking result for "Chinese food delivery" keyword on 2021-09-05

Yeah! 5 miles radius ranking for a restaurant.

When was the last time you go 5 miles for good food?

I know, I know.

You are super excited right now and want to get started.

But she didn’t stop there.

She told us that she is hiring her own drivers now and want to open a few MORE restaurants in a different city close by.

We said: Okay. She raised the budget again.

The challenge we are taking: ranking within 15 miles for more vague and tough keywords like “Asian restaurant near me” and just “Restaurant near me” and competing with other cuisines like Vietnamese, Thai, Indian also Italian, French, Fastfood, etc.

Come back here around Oct or Nov and see how far can we boost this restaurant. They probably have more restaurants at that time.

Step 3: Being aggressive on SEO ranking for organic traffic and it pair well with GMB boosting as well.

If ranking for Google My Business is a tough battle, ranking SEO is a real-world war.

Because she knows her competitor never stops doing SEO and has been doing that for years before her.

She asked us what can we do more for her.

We said: SEO and there are a few hundred searches a month there on Google.

She smiles and starts using our Google Search Engine Optimization Services on the 10th of August.

Total Investment?

Her total aggressive investment in the first month for:

  1. One-Time Website Design and Development.
  2. One-time fee for Google My Business Creating.
  3. Yearly Website Management.
  4. Monthly Google My Business Optimization and Management with Sucess Guarantee.
  5. Google Search Engine Optimization with Success Guarantee.
  6. Basic Email Authority set up for sending marketing email without fall into Spam inbox. (lasted Google update that 99,99% of SEO companies don’t know about, fact check here)

Her total investment for the first month is in the range of $10-15,000 for setting up everything.

 And her monthly investment for GMB and SEO is around $4-6,000

Curious about her ROI?

We can’t reveal their revenue but Qiu allows us to share her Avg Online Value Order.

China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant ROI and Avg.Sales Value
China King Illinois Chinese - Asian Restaurant ROI and Avg.Sales Value

Yeah. In the last 7 days compared to their overall history, it has been increased 1,799%.

Since we can’t reveal China King revenue…

But we are smart Business Owners and love data.

Let’s do some math 🙂

You just saw Yelp lead’s traffic. Yes!

Qiu wants us to optimize and bring her business to an omnipresent level. She’s serious and ambitious.

Now, Google on track customers who clicks the call button on GMB so we won’t know those customers who save her restaurant number after they know her restaurant.

So let say 268+ 268*20%= 321 calls

She shares with us that her staff is getting too busy on the phone taking orders now a day and have to open another phone line.

She has 177 SEO traffic from Google search and 419 from GMB to the website and these customers are hungry for good food.

And she gets a small number of customers from Yelp as well: 30 customers.

Now let sum them up: 321 + 177 + 419 + 30 = 947 new customers found her online.

And this is just the first month of optimization for SEO and GMB and the 2nd should be increased.

Her average sales are $32.66

So we help her generate: 947 * $32.66 = $30,929.02 in new revenue that we can track and estimate.

Remember that in the past 7 days she has increased in sales by 1,799% for online orders?

That was the data by the end of the first month of working with us.

Her second month is getting better since we are expanding her ranking area and her SEO is start getting more result.

She now has to hire drivers, waiters, and more chefs.

When we asked her for feedback if spending $4-6,000 a month for SEO and GMB is ridiculous?

She laughed and said thanks to us now she has to spend another +$15,000 for more staff every month and is about to open more restaurants.

Well, if you are hungry and you are based in Illinois. You know where to find good Chinese food.

Question is… If your customer needs to find Cleaning services, would they be able to find you?

There is only one way to find out. That’s contacting back to our Client Success Consultant to find out if you could sky rock your business within the next couple of weeks or months or not.9

Good News

We are open to taking more Clients and you are being invited.

We can guarantee you a spot on Google My Business in the next 3 months and get you more calls so you can sleep better at night. Knowing that your investment will give you a high ROI.

You will have a monthly report so you know where we are at.

You will have a dashboard to check performance every day.

BONUS: You will have access to all of our secret services that your competitor doesn’t know of that being build and develop just for the Cleaning Industry and Home Services in general to grow and scale.

Bad News

Your Competitors next door probably are reading this as well.

There are only 3 Spots on Google My business ranking that can get the most calls.

So if you come back with us late, we may give those calls to that average Joe and stop taking Clients in your area.

Now everyone is calling him Mr.Joe when he parks your dream car in front of your dream house.

Believe us or not, once we ranking Joe in your area. There will be no other GMB expert you can find online that can beat Joe.
(Ask if they can guarantee or not and you will have your answer)

Contact back to your Client Success Consultant

OR SMS them to book a call right now.

Even it’s 11:45 PM

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